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Share some IBM Certified Sales Specialist C9010-260 exam questions and answers below.
Software developers can take advantage of what elements of POWER8 technology to optimize the performance in E870?

A. transactional memory and SMT

B. Active Memory Expansion and store keys

C. first failure data capture (FFDC) and the service processor

D. Hypervisor and thermal power management device (TPMD)

Answer: A

A potential IBM POWER8 customer is worried about the life of RISC processor. Which of the following response should help the customers do not have to worry too much about investment in Power System’s?

A. Because IBM support Little Endian, AIX and IBM i will be able to run on x86.

B. IBM operating system and Power Technology Roadmap emphasizes the IBM technology promises.

C. Even if POWER stop production, all IBM applications and middleware have been ported to Linux.

D. IBM assure OpenPOWER foundation that IBM will continue to develop POWER chips in the next 10 years.

Answer: B

How does POWER8 technology bring to lower TCO?

A. higher performance core can reduce software license.

B. RAS feature means that no longer need to spend any cost on a failover system.

C. Power systems of lower energy consumption can be reduce 20% of the system cost.

D. Software License and Capacity on Demand make the minimum number of software license core.

Answer: A

A customer is close to maximum energy consumption in their data center and wants to measure and predict energy use.Which POWER8 feature will provide the required function?

A. Power capping

B. Power saver mode

C. Power core nap mode

D. Power trending

Answer: D

Which of the following features does POWER8 scale-out system provide?

A. memory capacity on demand expansion

B. processor capacity on demand expansion

C. redundant service processor

D. solid state disk drives

Answer: D

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