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Share some Java and Middleware 1Z0-804 exam questions and answers below.
Which method would you supply to a class implementing the Callable interface?

A. callable ()

B. executable ()

C. call ()

D. run ()

E. start ()

Answer: C

Given the code fragment:

DataFormat df;

Which statement defines a new Dateformat object that displays the default date format for the UK Locale?

A. df = DateFormat.getdatDataInstance (DateFormat.DEFAULT, Locale (UK));

B. df = DateFormat.getdatDataInstance (DateFormat.DEFAULT, UK);

C. df = DateFormat.getdatDataInstance (DateFormat.DEFAULT, Locale.UK);

D. df = new DateFormat.getdatDataInstance (DateFormat.DEFAULT, Locale.UK);

E. df = new DateFormat.getdatDataInstance (DateFormat.DEFAULT, Locale (UK));

Answer: C

Sam has designed an application. It segregates tasks that are critical and executed frequently from tasks that are non critical and executed less frequently. He has prioritized these tasks based on their criticality and frequency of execution. After close scrutiny, he finds that the tasks designed to be non critical are rarely getting executed. From what kind of problem is the application suffering?

A. race condition

B. starvation

C. deadlock

D. livelock

Answer: C

Given a language code of fr and a country code of FR, which file name represents a resource bundle file name that is not the default?


B. MessageBundle_fr_FR.profile

C. MessageBundle_fr_FR.xinl

D. MessageBundle__fr__FR.Java

E. MessageBundle__fr__FR.Locale

Answer: A

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