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Share some Software as a Service – Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud 1Z0-347 exam questions and answers below.
You are implementing the entire suite of Supply Chain Management Cloud for an auto component manufacturing and distribution company. This company has a manufacturing facility where different auto electrical components are produced to fulfill the demand that originates from various customers. One of the components that the company sells to its customers requires specialized operations; therefore, the company outsources it to an external manufacturer instead of producing it in its own facility.

Which two steps are required to fulfill the demand for this component through outsourced

manufacturing? (Choose two.)

A. Define this component as an Item with the ¡°Contract Manufacturing¡± field enabled and the "Make or Buy" attribute set to ¡°Buy.¡±

B. Define this component as an Item with the ¡°Contract Manufacturing¡± field enabled and the ¡°Make or Buy¡± attribute set to ¡°Make.¡±

C. Select the Customer Sales Order Fulfillment check box under the Procurement offering.

D. Create a sourcing rule of the Buy type for this component in the selling inventory organization.

E. Model the manufacturer to which thecomponent production is outsourced as a Supplier in the enterprise.

F. Create a sourcing rule of the Make type for this component in the selling inventory organization.

Answer: A,C

Identify two tasks that are used to set up statuses in the orchestration process configuration in the Functional Setup Manager. (Choose two.)

A. Manage Orchestration Status Values

B. Manage Task Status Condition

C. Manage Status Values

D. Manage Orchestration Status

Answer: B,D

Which Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence subject area should you use to build an online custom port that shows the number of orchestration orders for a selected orchestration process status?

A. Distributed Order Orchestration ¨C Order Lines Real Time

B. Distributed Order Orchestration ¨C Fulfillment Lines Real Time

C. Distributed Order Orchestration ¨C Process Instances Real Time

D. Distributed OrderOrchestration ¨C Process Instances

Answer: C

Which process requires the Process Supply Chain Orchestration Interface process to be executed manually so that a supply order gets created?

A. Planned Order Releases

B. Drop Shipment

C. Back-to-Back Procurement

D. Back-to-Back Contract Manufacturing

E. Min-Max planning replenishing a purchase request

Answer: E

Your company is importing orders from an e-commerce system where a sales order is created for a laptop. The ship-to-site of the customer determines the type of power cord to be shipped along with the laptop.

How will you enrich the sales order during import to append the Item number corresponding to the particular model of the power cord?

A. Create an External Interface Routing Rule.

B. Create a Compensation Pattern Rule.

C. Create a Pre TransformationRule.

D. Create a Post Transformation Rule.

E. Create a Product Transformation Rule.

Answer: D

Identify the Order Management configuration setup that must be performed by a system administrator in order to define an external source system connector.

A. The source system needs to be called by using the web service from Cloud Order Management.

B. The source system links needs to be registered in Manage Web Service.

C. The connector service needs to be registered by using Manage Web Service.

D. The source system needs to be registered in Manage Web Service.

Answer: C

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