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Share some Engineered Systems 1Z0-338 exam questions and answers below.
The mpstat output from OS Watcher shows a database node as being 90% idle on an average. What would you do to get a full picture of CPU utilization on the entire Exadata RAC cluster?

A.Average the mpstat id1 output from all the nodes.

B.Ask application users if they have noticed a slowdown in screen response.

C.Look for an increase in batch job servicing times.

D.A & B above

Answer: A

Which is the best location to point your customer to, for finding the latest Exadata patches?

A.owner’s guide

B.Patch database in MyOracle Support

C.MyOracle Support note 888828.1

D.MyOracle Support for database patches, ULN for OS patches, and Sun Support for Server and InfiniBand patches.

Answer: C

Which two statements are true about enabling write-back flash cache?

A.When enabling write-back flash cache in a non rolling manner, it is important to ensure that asmdeactivatonoutcome is set to YES and asmModestatus is set to ONLINE for all grid disks.

B.Before using write-back flash cache, you need to verify the minimum required versions.

C.Before write back-flash cache is enabled, you need to drop the Flash Cache first.

D.The setting flashCacheMode should be set to writeback by updating cellinit.ora and restarting cellsrv.

E.When enabling write-back flash cache in a rolling manner, dcli should be used to inactivate the grid disks on all cells first.

Answer: B, C

Which two attributes describe key benefits of the InfiniBand network?

A.All Exadata database servers have a direct path link to each Exadata Storage Server.

B.Cell-to-cell communication uses Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS) over InfiniBand to achieve low latency.

C.Expanding from two Full racks to four only requires adding an external InfiniBand switch to be at the top of the fat-tree topology.

D.Each InfiniBand link provides 10 Gigabits of bandwidth.

E.Oracle’s interconnect protocol uses direct memory access (DMA) to eliminate buffer copies and reduce CPU use.

Answer: CE

You get a Host Unreachable error when you attempt to connect to a server through a network terminal command line. What are two other ways in which you can connect?

A.Use the ILOM Web GUI.

B.Use the dcli command at the root prompt on a database node.

C.Attach a terminal device to the back panel of the server with a serial cable.

D.Connect by using SQL *Plus.

E.Log in as root on the database node using the Net1 IP address.

Answer: AC

Consider this CellCLI command:


Which two statements describe what happens when you execute this command?

A.It creates one 423 GB grid disk on the first available cell hard disk.

B.It creates one 423 GB grid disk on each available cell hard disk.

C.It creates grid disks on the outermost 423 GB that is available on each hard disk.

D.It creates grid disks on the innermost 423 GB that is available on each hard disk.

E.It creates an Exadata Smart Flash Cache on all flash drives.

Answer: B, C

Which two DML operations will add rows compressed by Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) to a table that is created to use HCC?


B.insert with an append hint



Answer: B, D

Consider the following setup:

User A1 belongs to resource group High on Database A.

User B2 belongs to resource group Low on Database B.

User C3 is a user on Database C without any DBRM setup.

DBRM setup:

Database A: Resource group High gets 80% and Low gets 20%.

Database B: Resource group High gets 60% and Low gets 40%.

IORM setup:

Database A: Share=20, limit=5

Database B: Share=30, limit=10

Database C: 5 shares

Total number of shares in the IORM setup = 100

What percent of I/O will each database user theoretically be using when the Exadata storage unit I/O throughout is used 100% and no other databases but A, B, and C are running?

A.Al = 36%, B2=18%, and C3=9%

B.Al = 33%, B2=33%, and C3=33%

C.AI = 10%, B2=5%, and C3=20%

D.Al = 8%, B2=12%, and C3=5%

E.Al = 5%, B2=10%, and C3=85%

Answer: E

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