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Share some HCNP-R&S H12-222-ENU exam questions and answers below.
In the inter-domain packet filtering, which of the following options belong to the outbound direction?

A. trust -> untrust

B. untrust -> trust

C. untrust -> dmz

D. trust -> local

Answer: A

The main functions of the VIM management module in NFV include resource discovery, resource allocation, resource management, and _______.

A. resource scheduling

B. resource monitoring

C. resource recycling

D. troubleshooting

Answer: D

Which of the following is the commands of configuring the SDN controller listen for address?

A. openflow listening-ip

B. sdn controller souce-address

C. controller-ip

D. sdn listening-ip

Answer: A

Which of the following options does the role of Agile Controller server not include?

A. Business Manager

B. Business controller

C. Security manager

D. Business checker

Answer: D

Traditional packet loss strategy uses the method of Tail-Drop, which leads to TCP global synchronization phenomenon.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

In the Agile Controller admission control scenario, which of the following description about RADIUS server and client role is correct?

A. Agile Controller integrates all functions of RADIUS server and the client.

B. The Agile Controller as the RADIUS server end and the user terminal as the RADIUS client.

C. The authentication device (e.g., 802.1 X switch) as the RADIUS server end and the user terminal as the RADIUS client.

D. The Agile Controller as the RADIUS server and authentication devices (e.g., 802.1 X switches) as RADIUS client.

Answer: D

The VPN configuration on a device is as follows: which description of this configuration command is correct?

A. This command is configured on the CE device of the customer network.

B. route-distinguisher 1: 1 indicates that the RD value is 1: 1, the RD does not need to be globally unique.

C. vpn-target 1: 1 export-extcommunity indicates that the VPN export target is 1: 1.

D. vpn-target 2: 2 import-extcommunity indicates that the VPN import target is 2: 2 and the import target can only set to one.

Answer: C

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