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Share some Cloud Architect E05-001 exam questions and answers below.
Which data center management process involves collating and presenting the utilization of resources?

A. Reporting

B. Provisioning

C. Planning

D. Maintenance

Answer: A

Which cloud service does VMware vCloud Air provide?

A. Infrastructure as a Service

B. Platform as a Service

C. Database as a Service

D. Software as a Service

Answer: A

Which type of digital data has no defined format but has a self-describing structure that enables its analysis?

A. Semi-structured data

B. Structured data

C. Metadata

D. Quasi-structured data

Answer: A

Which process groups multiple physical drives and presents them to a compute system as a single logical volume?

A. Concatenation

B. Partitioning

C. Striping

D. Orchestration

Answer: A

What is an accurate statement about a hybrid cloud?

A. Supports data and application portability for load balancing between clouds

B. Allows organizations with common concerns to share the cost of deploying the cloud

C. Enables the entire cloud infrastructure to be controlled by the consumer’s IT staff

D. Allows an organization to outsource the implementation of a private cloud to a cloud provider

Answer: A

What is a function of a virtual machine manager?

A. Abstracts physical hardware and presents it to a virtual machine

B. Sends resource requests from multiple virtual machines to the hypervisor kernel

C. Maps the virtual machine hardware to the hypervisor kernel

D. Presents resource requests from a virtual machine directly to physical hardware

Answer: A

What is signified by the ¡°variability¡± characteristic of big data?

A. Meaning of the data changes constantly

B. Data is generated in different formats by numerous sources

C. Data change rate affects its timely analysis

D. Varying data quality affects its reliability and accuracy

Answer: A

Which type of digital data consists of textual data with inconsistent formats but can be formatted with the use of software tools?

A. Quasi-structured data

B. Semi-structured data

C. Metadata

D. Unstructured data

Answer: A

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