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Share some IBM Certified Sales Specialist C9010-260 exam questions and answers below.
How does POWER8 technology bring to lower TCO?

A. higher performance core can reduce software license.

B. RAS feature means that no longer need to spend any cost on a failover system.

C. Power systems of lower energy consumption can be reduce 20% of the system cost.

D. Software License and Capacity on Demand make the minimum number of software license core.

Answer: A

A POWERS customer with disk expansion drawers needs a non-disruptive solution to improve the disk performance at the lowest cost. What should be proposed to satisfy the customer’s requirement?

A. V7000 SAN Disk

B. 840 Flash Storage

C. DS5000 SAN Disk

D. SSD drives

Answer: D

Which of the following POWER8 server and NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) are compatible?

A. S814 and S822

B. S824L and S824

C. S822L and S822

D. S822L and S812L

Answer: C

A customer has an application that requires the following:

– 21 cores

– 24 by 7 operation

– High I/O bandwidth

– Lowest TCO

Which solution will satisfy the requirements?

A. Two S822

B. Two S814

C. Two S824

D. One E870 with two client partitions

Answer: A

A customer is close to maximum energy consumption in their data center and wants to measure and predict energy use.

Which POWER8 feature will provide the required function?

A. Power capping

B. Power saver mode

C. Power core nap mode

D. Power trending

Answer: D

A customer is concerned about Power Systems security in a virtualized environment. They want real time monitoring and a trusted firewall between LPARs.

Which IBM product should be proposed?

A. PowerVM

B. PowerSC

C. Tivoli Security Policy Manager

D. IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On

Answer: B

Which of the following features does POWER8 scale-out system provide?

A. memory capacity on demand expansion

B. processor capacity on demand expansion

C. redundant service processor

D. solid state disk drives

Answer: D

A customer needs to support an HPC cluster, and needs the maximum number of cores in a standard

19 inch rack. The customer can run either AIX or Linux.

Which POWER8 server best satisfies the requirement?

A. S824

B. S822

C. S822L

D. S824L

Answer: A

Customers need a 4-core S814 server, which requires 1TB available disk space run the ERP applications. Customers hope to achieve the lowest TCA, at the same time to minimize rack space.

Which disk storage technology meet these requirements?


B. Flash

C. Internal hard disk

D. Internal solid-state disk

Answer: A

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