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Share some Veritas Certified Professional (VCP) VCS-257 exam questions and answers below.
Which Veritas InfoScale Storage for UNIX/Linux user interface provides a menu-driven, text-based interface for performing some disk and disk group administration?

A. Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA)

B. Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager (VIOM)

C. vxedit

D. vxdiskadm

Answer: B

An administrator receives notification that the vxconfidd daemon has stopped on a Veritas InfoScale Storage production server that has been running applications on mounted Veritas file systems.What is the impact of this failure?

A. application I/O fails; all Veritas file systems are disabled

B. application I/O fails; all imported disk groups are disabled

C. application I/O continues; I/O performance to disk is degraded

D. application I/O continues; VxVM configuration changes fail

Answer: A

Which command can an administrator use to observe the progress percentage of a mirror resynchronization process during volume recovery?

A. vxstat

B. vxtask

C. vxprint

D. vxinfo

Answer: C

Which command should an administrator use to temporarily stop the online relayout operation tagged as “newlayout”?

A. vxtask stop newlayout

B. vxtask pause newlayout

C. vxrelayout –g mydg stop newlayout

D. vxlrelayout –g mydg pause newlayout

Answer: B

A volume that contains strictly two data plexes and has four subdisks in each plex can have which two types of layouts? (Select two.)

A. concat-mirror

B. stripe-mirror

C. stripe with parity

D. mirror-concat

E. mirror-stripe

Answer: D,E

What is the definition of the disk status FAILING?

A. I/O failure(s) on the public region; private region readable

B. I/O failure(s) on the private region; public region readable

C. I/O failure(s) on both the public and private regions

D. I/O failures(s) on all but one plex of the corresponding volume

Answer: A

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