[2018 Passtcert Update] Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT exam answers

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Share some CCNP 300-135 exam questions and answers below.
How to check MTU of interface using ping? / How can you check the links mtu size with ping command?
A. ping size 1501
B. ping size 1500 df-bit
C. ping
D. ping no-size
Answer: B

What is the solution of the fault condition?
A. Under the ip access-list edge_security configuration add the permit ip any command
B. Under the interface Serial0/0/1 enter the ip access-group edge_security out command.
C. Under the ip access-list edge_security configuration delete the deny ip any command
D. Under the interface Serial0/0/0 configuration delete the ip access-group edge_security in command and enter the ip access group edge_security out command
Answer: A

R1 and R2 OSPF neighbor.
Which two statements are true? (Choose two)
(Output from show ip ospf neighbors on 2 routers, one of them shows FULL/DR, the other FULL/-, you need to know how were they configured and will they exchange routes)
A. They are not neighbors
B. R1 (non-DR) will not update its routes to R2
C. Router R2 is configured with ospf point-to-point command (R2 is the router that shows as FULL/-)
D. They need to be configured as OSPF NBMA
E. R2 should be configured as stub
Answer: BC

Two routers are connected through PPP connection. After the PPP was established the admin put OSPF running above it. The OSPF formed adjacency but after soon the adjacency dropped.
What is the reason? (The cause of OSPF forming an adjacency over a GRE tunnel and dropping immediately)
A. MTU does not match
B. Area 0 need to exist for OSPF to function properly
C. Gre tunnel destination is not reachable through tunnel
D. Gre tunnel ip address must be covered by network under ¡°router ospf 1¡±
E. ospf routes contains the route to tunnel destination
Answer: C

Ticket 4 NATACL


The implementation group has been using thetest bed to do a ¡®proof-of-concept¡¯that required both client 1 and client 2 to access the Web Server at several changed to interface status, network addressing, routing schemes and layer 2 connectivity, at trouble ticket has been opened indicating that client 1 cannot ping the (internet Server).
show run by yourself to obtain the following information:
Configuration on R1
ip nat inside source list nat_pool interface Serial0/0/0/1 overload !
ip access-list standard nat_pool
! interface Serial0/0/0/1
ip address
ip nat outside
! interfaceSerial0/0/0/0.12
ip address
ip nat inside
ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 TSHOOT
ip ospd authentication message-digest

On Which device is the fault condition located?
A. R1
B. R2
C. R3
D. R4
Answer: A

The Fault Condition is related to which technology?
D. IPv4 OSPF Routing
E. IPv4 OSPF Redistribution
F. IPv6 OSPF Routing
G. IPv4 layer 3 security
Answer: C

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