[2018 400-101 Update] Cisco 400-101 dumps free download

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Share some CCIE 400-101 exam questions and answers below.
Which TCP features allows a client to request a specific packet that was lost?
A. flow control
B. sliding window
C. fast recovery
D. selective acknowledgment
Answer: D

Which three parameters must match to establish OSPF neighbor adjacency? (Choose three.)
A. the process ID
B. the hello interval
C. the subnet mask
D. authentication
E. the router ID
F. the OSPF interface priority
Answer: BCD

Drag each OSPFv2 SA parameter on the left to its corresponding description on the right?


Which traffic plane supports the TFTP and FTP protocols?
A. control plane
B. management plane
C. data plane
D. service plane
Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

Which two conclusions can you draw from this output (choose two)
A. The device at the routing table has an APR entry for the device at
B. The packet was source-routed.
C. The device at is on the same subnet as the next hop for the device at
D. The device that produced the output uses different interfaces to send and receive traffic to and from the device at
E. The device that produced the output uses the same interface to send and receive traffic to and from the device at
Answer: C, E

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