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Which vector object can replace the Time of day (TOD) global Vector Variable?
A. Vector Routing Table
B. Business Schedule Table
C. Service Hours Table
D. Policy Routing Table
Answer: C

You need to troubleshoot your Best Service Routing (BSR) polling vectors to verify that they are operating as intended.Which command do you use to do this?
A. monitor bcms hunt group
B. list trace trunk
C. monitor bcms trunk
D. list trace vdn
Answer: D

What property of the SET command makes the command unique when dealing with variables?
A. The SET command allows variables to be manipulated using arithmetic and string operators
B. The SET command allows you to place calls in a particular queue
C. The SET command allows a group of variables to follow a specific pattern
D. The SET command reassigns variables to new values during the process of a vector
Answer: A

Which two vector variable types are strictly global in scope? (Choose two.)
A. stepcnt
B. dow
C. value
D. ani
E. collect
Answer: C,E

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