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Cisco Cloud Collaboration Solutions 500-301 exam questions and answers have been released. Candidates who want to take Cisco Cloud 500-301 exam and get certified, new released Cisco Cloud 500-301 questions and answers are your big helper. Share some Cisco 500-301 questions and answers below, and then you can check the quality of our Cisco Cloud 500-301 exam dumps.


Which products are needed to deploy Cisco WebEx Meeting Center?

A. on-premises endpoints

B. on-premises client server

C. No endpoints or servers are needed to deploy Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

D. on-premises server running Cisco WebEx Meeting Center VM

Answer: C


Which connector in a Cisco Spark Hybrid deployment can create a Cisco Spark room and WebEx Scheduled Meeting simply by adding @Spark and @WebEx in the “location” field of the meeting window?

A. Calendar connector

B. call connector

C. management connector

D. directory connector

Answer: A

Latest Cisco Cloud 500-301 Questions and Answers | 500-301 Exam Dumps


Which Option is an important advantage to using Cisco WebEx Event Center over other WebEx products?

A. Participants can connect from any device.

B. You can share content from your computer.

C. You can host events using on-premises conferencing products.

D. You can offer engaging events at a lower cost.

Answer: D


Which statement about messaging with Cisco Spark is true?

A. APIs can be used with the free subscription to Cisco Spark to enhance messaging capabilities.

B. APIs cannot be used with Cisco Spark.

C. APIs can be used to build bots in Cisco Spark.

D. APIs are used when programming graphical user interface components, to enhance Spark Messaging.

Answer: D

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