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Share some Dell Certification DSDSC-200 exam questions and answers below.
An engineer is configuring fault domains and front-end IO ports on a dual controller storage array. Anyvolumes that are later created and mapped to a server must be active/optimized on one controller andstandby on the other controller.
Which port mode should the engineer use to meet this requirement?
A. Physical Port Mode
B. Virtual Port Mode
C. Legacy Port Mode
D. ALUA Port Mode
Answer: C

There are several servers connected to the Storage Center through Fibre Channel (FC) fabrics usingWWN zoning. The engineer has recently replaced a server¡¯s FC HB. This server can no longer connect tothe Storage Center.
What is causing the problem?
A. The Storage Center¡¯s FaultDomains must be updated with the new HBA WWN
B. The server¡¯s zone must be updated with the new switch port to which the HBA is connected
C. The Storage Center Fault Domains must be converted to Virtual Port mode
D. The server¡¯s zone must be updated with the new HBA¡¯s WWN.
Answer: D

A customer has a newly installed storage array. The customer needs toproactively monitor and reportstorage utilization on a regular basis.
Which customizable, proactive tool should be configured to perform this task?
A. EnterpriseManager Threshold Alerting
B. Dell SupportAssist
C. Storage Center Event Monitoring
D. Enterprise Manager Automated Reporting
Answer: A

Which method should be used to map a volume to a server in Enterprise Manager?
A.In the Server Viewer: highlight the server on the list andclick the ¡°Map Volume to Server¡± button onthetop button bar.
B. In the Storage Viewer: during the Volume Create wizard, click the ¡°Mapping Options¡± link, and choosethe server to map to.
C. In the Reporting Viewer: open the mapping report, click ¡°CreateNew Mapping¡±, and provide therequested information.
D. In the Storage Viewer: highlight an unmapped volume and click the ¡°Map Volume to Server¡± buttononthe top button bar.
Answer: D

An engineer needs to install an SC8000 with four FC ports in each controller and two FC switches set upin a dual fabric. Each controller also has two10 Gb iSCSI ports. All iSCSI ports are connected to anethernet switch. The system uses virtual ports.
How many fault domains are required?
A. 3
B. 5
C. 4
D. 2
Answer: C

A customer has multiple Storage Centers at their main site anda DR system at a remote site. Aparticularlyimportant volume requires High Availability protection. An outage on one system at themainlocation must NOT cause data to be inaccessible. Disaster Recovery protection is also required toprotectdata even if the entire main site goes down.
Which technology best meets these requirements?
A. Asynchronous Replication
B. LiveVolume Managed Replication
C. Fluid Data Architecture
D. Synchronous Replication
Answer: B

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