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Share some Network Appliance NCDA Certification NS0-158 exam questions and answers below.
What is the speed of the cluster interconnect ports on a FAS2552?

A. 10 Gb

B. 1 Gb

C. 8 Gb

D. 16 Gb

Answer: A

What is true about a node root volume?

A. There is a root volume on every node in a cluster.

B. It is the root of a data SVM¡¯s namespace.

C. You can use vol move to move it to an aggregate on a different node.

D. It is the most secure place to store critical user data.

Answer: B

What is the maximum number of nodes allowed in an FAS8000 series with a SAN configuration?

A. 24

B. 8

C. 4

D. 2

Answer: B

You create an SVM named svm7. Its DNS name is ntap7. In svm7, you create a volume named vol1 with a junction path of /users.

An NFS client would mount the root of vol1 using which path?

A. svm7:/users

B. ntap7:/users

C. ntap7:/vol1

D. svm7:/vol1

Answer: B

Which data protocol is available to use on an SVM?





Answer: B

When assigning shelf IDs to SAS-connected shelves, which statement is true?

A. They only need to be unique within an HA pair.

B. They only need to be unique within a stack.

C. They only need to be unique within a node.

D. They need to be unique within a cluster.

Answer: A

You create a 150 GB thick-provisioned volume. In that volume, you create a 50 GB LUN with space-reserve enabled. You create another 50 GB LUN with space-reserve disabled. Before any data is written to either LUN or a Snapshot is taken, how much space will be available in the volume for additional LUNs?

A. 150 GB

B. 100 GB

C. 75 GB

D. 50 GB

Answer: B

You have a 4-node cluster serving home directories over two IPs per node.

Which two methods would you use to set up DNS load balancing over a single name to the eight IP addresses? (Choose two.)

A. On-Box DNS using a DNS delegation record

B. Off-Box Round Robin DNS

C. On-Node PTR records with reverse lookup per node

D. Off-Node CNAME records for each node management interface

Answer: A,B

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